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Larkhall Golf Club Update

Hi Everyone, well I think the course will be closed again over the weekend, unbelievable, come on team, the rain has to stop soon.

The reason for a so called update can everyone please make sure they download the Scottish Golf App on there phone please, it will be required to enter your scores for the coming season.

Remember your fees for the season are now due and it would be appreciated if you can pay ASAP. Details below.

Thanks all, Please stay safe. Frank

Members: £190.00, or 12 payments of £17 or 10 of £20: 60 & over £140.00, or 12 x £12.50 or 10 x £15: 65 to 75 £110, or 12 x £10 or 10 x £12: 75 & over + Honorary £70.00, or 12 x £7 or 10 x £8, all inclusive of S G & LGA Levies and £15 increase in fees as agreed at the 2019 AGM. Juniors: £20.Bank details for SO’s and DD’s are: Acc. No. 17658663 & sort code 80-22-60. Thank you everyone, PLEASE STAY SAFE, see you at the golfie soon. REMEMBER AND PUT YOUR NAME AS A REFERENCE. THANK YOU. Regards

Frank -- Kind Regards

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