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Guides for the coming season (Please read)

Please see below for procedures to be followed this season.

These procedures will be subject to change as the government issues changes.

Covid 19 Rules & Guidelines for safe play To: All Members To allow all members to play medals safely we have put together a list of rules and guidelines we all must follow during medals. These Rules and Guidelines are taken from Scottish Golf . Note- During all sections of the rules and guidelines social distancing of 2 meters should be implemented & if any member is showing any symptoms of covid 19 the should stay away from the course and follow government guidelines Booking Medal tee time We have now got a digital booking system set up on our master scoreboard app that we have been using for a few years now, you can access this system from a computer or smart phone. This will be the new way of booking your medal tee time going forward, you will only be able to book your own time. Instructions on how to use the system will be sent out to all members. Arriving at the course on medal day Please be at the car park 10 minutes before your time, get ready at your car and don’t approach the Kiosk till no earlier than 5 mins before your time. Do not approach the 1st tee till the members in front have cleared the tee. If walking to the course be at the kiosk no earlier than 5 min before you tee time. On the course Scorecard & Recording of scores When playing the medal, the group should nominate one player to mark all the scores on one card making sure to clearly note the 2/3 players names above the correct score (We advised the other players mark their own cards as well to assist with verbal verification at the end of the round) At the end of the round the nominated score card marker should tally all scores and verbally verify all scores are correct, once agreed only the scorecard marker should sign the card. The other players should not touch the card at any time. The score marker should then proceed to the clubhouse foie where he should use hand sanitizers on a (provided at the computer) before entering all 2/3 scores into the computer, they should then put the scorecard into the 1st class box. General Plays scores on Scottish Golf APP Please do not use the Scottish Golf App General Play score entry function on the Saturday Medal , this function should only be used for general play rounds , the club Saturday Medals will be entered through the Masterscoreboard function only by the club . ( For more information on this please speak with Jimmy Craw or Stephen Cunningham) Changes to Rules of play · Only one player should stand on the tee at any 1 time this will help 2-meter distancing · No rakes will be used in the bunkers, after playing your shot from the bunker take time to smooth the bunker with your feet or club. · Flag sticks should not be touched at any time, players should play all shots with the flagstick in the hole. · There will be an insert in every hole that will only allow the ball to drop a specific distance into the hole, this will allow players to pick their ball out the hole without touching the flagstick or cup with their hands. · Players should only handle their own equipment on ball After your round After playing your round and scores have been entered using all the safety guidance given, do not hang around the club area, leave the course as soon as possible this will allow incoming player to access the car park and kiosk area safely. Again, please follow all safety rules and guidelines set out by the committee when attending the medals, it’s for everyone’s safety. If any member has any concerns, please inform a committee member and we will investigate and amend if needed.

Stay Safe and enjoy golf Regards The Committee

-- Kind Regards

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