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Greenkeeper update

The club would Like to update all member on changes to our Greenkeeper team . We regret to inform you Tony Barnes will be leaving Larkhall Golf Club on a permanent basis ,Tony has been offered a head Greenkeeper role at Strathclyde park GC and you will all agree it's a deserved promotion and great opportunity for him unfortunately for us we will be loosing a great Greenkeeper who has done an amazing job during his time at Larkhall GC . I personally would like to wish Tony every success in his new job I'm sure he will get Strathclyde park in the excellent condition he managed along with George to get Larkhall in year in year out .George will continue his role as the head Greenkeeper at Larkhall with Ronnie moving to Larkhall on a permanent basis to take over Tony's position . Ronnie has spent time at Larkhall in the past assisting Tony on George's absence and did an amazing job in that time so we confident George and Ronnie will continue the good work we are used to at Larkhall GC.

The club would like to thank Tony on behalf of all our members for his service and great efforts over the years at Larkhall GC he is a credit to the council greens staff . Hopefully in time we will see Tony back at Larkhall GC if not as our Greenkeeper as a golfer enjoying our smashing course .

Good luck Tony 👍

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