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Club Competitions

All Competitions will now be handicap counters going forward.

So quick update on the rules.


Play as lies so please make sure you smooth the bunkers over with your foot after your shot so following members have a good lie if they enter the bunker.

Flag sticks must stay in :-

Refrain from touching the flag stick at any time during play. It must stay in the hole at all times.

Score recording :-

One player must record and sign the groups scores on one scorecard , at end of round this should be verbally verified by all players . no one other than the marker should handle or sign the card, once signed it should be put in the allocated box.

Please use the masterscoreboard app and score entry tab to enter your score after your round , this makes it easier and faster for confirmation of final placing .

If any member requires assistance with the masterscoreboard app please talk to a member of the committee or fellow members who are using the app .

Stay safe & Play well

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